Dr. Schmeidler’s

Anti-Toothache and Anti-Snoring KIT

Quite astonishing, but none of the numerous “FIRST AID KITS “ known to us, contain any medication against dental emergencies, such as toothaches, gum inflammation or loss of fillings.

Such disorders can often cause painful sleepless nights, miserable days and may even ruin an entire holiday.

It is often impossible to consult ones personel dentist, especially on vacation or while travelling abroad. One does not really want to be treated by an unknown dentist, because of lack of trust or fear of being ripped off. Dr. Schmeidler’s “Do-It-Yourself ” dental emergency kit will help you to overcome the times until you can visit your own dentist. It comprises of:

  • FIL-O-DENT, a temporary filling material for the replacement of lost fillings and for sealing of any cavity holes and
  • CLOVE OIL, an natural essential oil containing up to 85% of EUGENOL, a substance known for its anti-septic and anti pain effects, therefore often used by dentists against gum inflammation and toothaches.

Dr. Schmeidler’s ANTI-SNORING OIL is a secret formula of diff erent natural essential oils, designed to stop you or your partner from snoring the natural way. Snoring noises can ruin your sleep. At home you might be able to escape into another room, but what about on holidays, when you are stuck in the same hotel room?: use Dr. Schmeidler’s ANTI-SNORING-OIL.


Dr. Schmeidler’s Anti-Tothache and Anti-Snoring KIT consits of:

  • 1 x FIL-O-DENT plastic vial with minimum of 1,5 g. filling material and a wooden applicator.
  • 1 x CLOVE OIL in 10ml vial.
  • 1 x ANTI-SNORING OIL in 10ml vial and
  • 5 x cotton buds.


Bevor using Fil-O-Dent please read the instructions carefully ! Detailed Informations about Fil-O-Dent you can find  HERE,  right at our webpage.


Natural clove oil contains approximately 85% of EUGENOL, an anti-septic and anti inflammantory substance also used eff ectively as a pain killer.

Toothache: Put a few drops of clove oil on your finger or on a cotton bud and press onto your hurting tooth.

Inflammation of gum: rub infl ammated area with some drops of clove oil

Or: In both cases toothache or infl ammation of your gums, mix a few drops of clove oil with water and rinse mouth sorrowly.

Please read carefully the imüportant notes about essential oils below or click HERE !


Snoring is caused by vibrations of the soft pallet in the back of your throat. Our natural essential Anti-Snoring-Oil is a secret formula of diff erent oils designed to stop the vibrations of the soft pallet, thus stopping you from snoring.

Place a few drops on a tissue and place near your nose, allowing you to inhale the oil vapours while you sleep; or/and mix some drops of oil with water and rinse your mouth sorrowly. Place the rest of mixture near you, so to inhale the oil vapours during your sleep.

Please read carefully the imüportant notes about essential oils below or click HERE !


  • All essential oils should be stored in a dark and cool place. Essential oils are easily inflammable and unfit for consumption.
  • Avoid eye and skin contact.
  • Keep out of childrens reach.
  • Do not use undiluted.
  • When swallowing do not force vomiting.
  • Avoid dropping oil on furniture or textiles etc. in order to avoid any staines.

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